When you hear an opinion or a viewpoint that you’re not sure about (you don’t quite disagree, but it goes against your intuition), do you consider the person’s age when trying to decide what to make of it? If the person is younger than you, you think he’s probably wrong because he doesn’t have enough “experience” or something. You’re also more comfortable arguing against him as you feel more secure about yourself in your relationship with him because you’re older. Even if you both disagree with each other, at least you’ll be the most “senior” in the argument.

If he’s older than you (and he doesn’t seem too crazy), you’re more likely to think twice about his opinion, he might just have something. After all, he has more “experience” or something. And even if you still disagree with him, you’re less likely to voice your opinion because he’s older than you, he would be the dominant “senior” guy in the argument. How could you ever sway his opinion? You feel less secure about yourself, or your opinions.

I keep writing in second person, but I don’t mean this necessarily applies to you, the reader, personally, whoever you are. I of course mean it in the general sense. I think it’s true for a lot of people, unfortunately. But we always “consider the source” so it’s a hard habit to break, it’s ingrained in our brain, in how we perceive the world. Yes, “consider the source” but don’t “consider the source’s age” if you can help it.

I feel like making this message the crux of a preachy Denzel Washington and Robert Redford film!

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