Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

I didn’t get the BB gun I wanted, but I would have shot my eye out anyway.

I did get some great stuff though, including the extended editions of the Lord of the Rings movies, which I haven’t seen before. I watched The Fellowship of the Ring yesterday and loved it. I love all the bonus materials as well, so I spent a good deal of the day watching it. I think one of the keys to the film is the use of miniatures; they didn’t just use a bunch of CGI. The use of miniatures still makes images seem much more realistic and tangible. Watching how the film used miniatures just made me want to be a director and direct a film with miniatures.

I also got a couple computer games: Rome: Total War and SimCity Societies, which have been fun so far… I want to play them right now, in fact. I think Spore is set to come out in 2008, I believe, which will be the best computer game in history, but I just hope my 3.5 year old computer will be able to run it.

Finally, I got a 3-CD set collection of Mozart. Some music purists hate compilations, believing “movement 2” of something should not be separated from “movement 1” and “movement 3”, but I believe a single movement can still very much be enjoyed by itself. It’s not like a chapter out of a book sitting by itself because a piece of music has no meaning, but some people don’t believe that.

Finally, I must mention that I saw Sweeney Todd before Christmas and was very very pleased, despite Johnny Depp not being able to sing very well. Tim Burton’s vision worked perfectly for the story, and the over-the-top goriness created a good sense of dark humor mixed with dismal seriousness. It didn’t really have disgusting violence like Saw III did; it was kind of silly and unrealistic blood spurting, though it still wasn’t completely comic. I thought it worked well for the story though; if you listen to the lyrics, they too were filled with a mix of silliness and seriousness. I loved it.

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