I can hardly do anything on Mondays because I’m in classes all day. I woke up, did some homework, drove to college, had 9 hours of mostly boring classes, drove home, blah blah blah, you get the point. I don’t even have time to write this blog. 🙁 But I will anyway.

I picked up some more books at the library today (that I probably won’t have time to read) by David Cope. One is Vritual Music, which will probably make me not like Douglas Hofstadter even more… and Techniques of Contemporary Composers or something… I mostly want to read what he has to say about chromaticism.

On the way to college today I was listening to the classical music radio when I heard a theme by Mozart. It sounded wonderful, but I didn’t remember Mozart ever seeming so romantic (as in the “Romantic” period… Romanticism). His orchestration of his theme was just unlike anything he had ever done, what a genius he was! Then when it ended the radio lady said it was Variations on a Theme by Mozart by Chopin. Aha! Chopin and Mozart, you tricksters! It was quite a beautiful piece, unfortunately my college didn’t seem to have a copy at the library… I’ll have to ask them to order it! (Eventually!)

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