Been a while since I gave an update on my note-taking app progress, so I shall proceed to do so.

I’ve been able to knock some things off the to do list:

  • Complete functionality of the sub-menu
  • Allow attaching or inserting media (at least images) to notes
  • Sort / search notes by tags
  • Create note with tags pre-filled (like adding a post to a category)
  • Allow some js widgets in notes, at least checkboxes and timers
  • Allow creation of new notes with bracket links (e.g. “[[]]”) as in MediaWiki (standard wiki feature)
  • Open related notes by clicking on these bracket links (without opening a new page)
  • Search and sort notes by content / data / date (only basic queries for now)
  • Create user login / registration system
  • Create user stats page (notes created, storage space available, etc.)
  • Collect user usage stats (for studying how users use the product)
  • Overhaul / finalize designs, make responsive and usable on mobile
  • Write Terms of Service, privacy, cookie use policies
  • Offer subscriptions, launch!

Not nearly as much as I’d’ve liked to have finished by now, but progress is being made. Uploading files turned out to be a bit tricky (and there are still some small issues with it to work out), as was supporting javascript in each note. And looking ahead, I’m thinking everything else will also be tricky. But we’ll get there!

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