I’m up late doing math homework… hopefully for the last time this semester and maybe for the last time in my life! (But probably not!)

Following my failed duet attempt, I tried writing a violin piece, which I ended up turning into four-hand piano piece which I might call “Headache” because it gave me a headache. It’s very polytonal until the ending. At first I was going to scrap that too, but I noticed that it was playing back in my head later on, so I’ll probably post it eventually. It’s sort of like “A Little Harp Music” in that there’s no striking melody, just a bunch of recurring patterns.

I also uploaded a piece I wrote over a year ago called “Serenade for Strings No 2” because it is a serenade for strings… and it is my second one. You can hear it right here.

Ack, I’ve got a nasty annoying cough…

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