I’ve been planning out a story which I imagine being a musical… it’s called The Kidnapping of Belmount and the draft outline is about 60% complete. It is about a prisoner who is released from prison by a wizard who hires him to kidnap the princess.

I really need to get back to work on my novel though, The Game of Gynwig. I’ve been taking a nice long break on that, haven’t I? I can’t even remember what exactly is supposed to happen next, I’ll have to find my notes.

I’ve been putting some music videos on my YouTube channel. The whole notion of music visualization is quite suddenly captivating!

I finally did get my hands on Hofstadter’s new book, I Am A Strange Loop. I’ve only finished the first two chapters, but I’m considering starting another “Book Quote” blog because I keep making notes on interesting points I come across while reading that I’d like to comment on.

On the fiction side of things, I’m about 66% percent through Arthur C. Clarke’s Childhood’s End, a very thought provoking science fiction book, which is a great contrast to the pathetic horrible torture I endured while reading Time’s Eye, which he wrote with Stephen Baxter. Time’s Eye is quite possibly the worst book ever written and it made me fantasize about book burnings. Childhood’s End, however, is way on the other end of the spectrum… at least it is so far. The ending better be good… it’s one of those books in which many things depend on a well thought out ending.

On the music front, I’ve been listening to my library’s collection of Sondheim musicals, and tonight’s treat was Follies while I labored away on some Computer Science homework. It’s not a bad musical, but it’s not nearly as catchy as some of Sondheim’s other work, like Sweeney Todd and Into the Woods, but I do remember hearing some nice tracks, though there names are not yet ingrained in my memory. Next up, I’ll try listening to his musical called Passion. Then again, I am expecting some classical music I ordered from Amazon to arrive some time this week, so it may have to go on the backburner as I rock out with Mozart or whatever I ordered… they were having a sale, $3 a CD for some of them… one CD I ordered was Carmina Burana by good old Carl Orff… fantastic choirs in his music! I also ordered the infamous Symphonie Fantastique, which I remember enjoying but haven’t heard for a loooong time, and some French symphonic poems, including the infamous Sorcerer’s Apprentice! Woohoo! So I guess I have to give those a listen sometime.

Wow, I didn’t mean to blather so much. I think what I’ll do is try to blather on this blog daily, and then do a weekly briefing on the main page. Good idea, no?

Over and out. Should I keep saying that? Let’s try something else for this blog… how about: Later. Hmmmm… that’s overdone… how about: Until I doth blog again… ooh, that sounds nice, especially since it’s grammatically incorrect, isn’t it? Yeah, let’s use that…

Until I doth blog again…

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