More random genealogy trivia.  (This stuff is perhaps meaningless, but it’s fun.)  I knew actor Gregory Peck was supposedly in the family tree somewhere, but I like to find the exact connections to prove it if I can.

So I knew my great great great grandmother was Nora Ashe from Ireland.  (My father’s father’s father’s father’s mother.)  And I knew the Ashe family tree from Ireland was large.  Gregory Peck’s Wikipedia page mentions a grandmother named Catherine Ashe.  Aha!  Ashe!  That’s the connection!  So, if this Ashe family tree I found online is correct, I just had to find out how Catherine and Nora were connected.

The connection is a James Ashe, who would be Gregory Peck’s great great great grandfather (his father’s mother’s father’s father’s father) and my great great great great great grandfather (Nora’s grandfather, or my father’s father’s father’s father’s mother’s father’s father, if you like).

Which makes actor Gregory Peck my fourth cousin, twice removed.

So why didn’t he ever come to visit us?  I’ll never know.


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