Some more random trivia from my free trial…

My great great great grandfather’s older brother’s grandson was Peter C.L. Hodgson.  So that would make him my second cousin thrice removed.  He was famous for what he did with a newly invented strange but useless putty.  According to Wikipedia:

In 1949, the putty reached the owner of a toy store, Ruth Fallgatter. She contacted Peter Hodgson, a marketing consultant. The two decided to market the bouncing putty by selling it in a clear case. Although it sold well, Fallgatter did not pursue it further. However, Hodgson saw its potential.

Already $12,000 in debt, Hodgson borrowed $147 to buy a batch of the putty to pack 1 oz (28 g) portions into plastic eggs for $1, calling it Silly Putty.

Oh, Silly Putty, I always knew we had a cousinly connection… a second cousin thrice removed connection…

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