Amour (2012)


Link: Amour

Summary: An old man cares for his dying wife.

Thoughts: (Spoilers ahead.)  Though it’s obviously a pretty feel-sad film, the artistry of the filmmaking was fantastic.  I loved the gentle pacing, the gentle camera work, the use of classical piano music, and the subtlety of the mood changes.  The ending annoyed me a bit as it seemed to portray assisted suicide as a difficult but morally acceptable decision.  I suppose one could argue otherwise, claiming it was just how those characters responded to the situation, but I’d still argue that because the film portrays no negative consequences of the action, it’s portraying it as morally acceptable.  It’s as if the characters forget the point of their lives when death is imminent, which is odd, since it’s the title of the film.  Killing people to put them out of pain (or to put yourself out of the pain of watching them suffer) is not love, it is fear of pain.

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