Monk in Quarantine

Read an article somewhere that said Tony Shalhoub was recovering from COVID and couldn’t help being shocked, shocked! that Mr. Monk would allow such a thing to happen. But I thought this little skit featuring Monk was funny.

They really need to do a TV special or something.

My new webcomic

Is it “webcomic” or “web comic”?

Anyway, I spent the day creating the Hannifin World site, my new web comic.  Not sure how long I’ll be able to keep it up.  Not sure I’ll keep the name either, but I couldn’t think of anything better.  I definitely won’t keep the web design, but it’s something to start with at least.  I spent a while scanning in at least a week’s worth of comics, so it’ll at least keep going for a week!

Other than that, I enjoyed the Monk series finale.  I would’ve written it differently, but it definitely gave a sense of closure.  And the montage at the very end was nice.  Gah, I’m really gonna miss not being able to look forward to new episodes of Monk! *sigh*

Maybe I’ll start a webcomic…

22 days left until Christmas…

I work 8 hours on Thursdays, so there’s not much to say, because I haven’t done much. During my break I read a bit and watched Flash Forward on Hulu, which I’m really behind on. I also thought up some ideas for some comic strips… I was thinking of starting a daily web comic. Not sure if I will or not, but I have some ideas I think would be funny.

I’m also looking forward to the Monk series finale tomorrow night. And then the show will be over and there’ll be nothing to watch on Friday nights at 9 PM (especially since Dollhouse got cancelled). Have you noticed that in just about every other crime-solving show besides Monk, they always try to portray the lead character as being really cool. The promos have the lead characters squinting, looking serious off into the distance, maybe with a half-smile. That’s what I like about Monk; he’s not “cool” at all. Well, none of the characters are “cool” by my standards, but Monk is the only one that doesn’t try to be. Anyway, series finale! It’s gonna be great! Yay! Woohoo!