I’ve been finding it hard to focus on my animation studies this week. I had a little musical epiphany, and my mind is now once again obsessed with working on my book on writing melodies and the “melody generator” computer program to go with it. The program is now capable of outputting some pretty nice stuff, a huge improvement compared to the 2008 version. But you’ll just have to take my word for it because I’m not quite ready to share samples just yet. But soon, I hope. I also think I’m pretty close to getting it to generate complete songs (in melody + chords format, not entire instrumental arrangements), at least algorithm-wise; then I still have to program it. I’m tempted to expand the topic of the book from melody composition to musical composition in general; after all, couldn’t one define any polyphonic piece as just a bunch of melodies played together? It’s the natural extension of my work, so why not just go for it? But who knows how long that would take…

Anyway, I’m extremely excited, and I’m pretty confident that within this decade, perhaps even within the next few years, we’ll have some great computer music generating programs (from me or from someone else) that will provide us with a lot of inspiration. I’m confident because I have it now. In baby form, at least.

But I’m probably getting way ahead of myself. “Don’t get excited.” It’s in the artist’s creed. Gah, it’s hard…

I’m not really sure why I’m posting this. I don’t have anything useful or interesting to share yet. I guess I just wanted to let out my excitement.

Oh, I’ve also been composing endless melodies. When you’re writing a book on the subject, the ideas just pour from the mind. I suppose that’s part of what’s fueling my obsession… melodies, melodies everywhere…


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