Here are some more animated shorts I thought were cool… by the way, you should push these up to the highest quality and full screen them if you can… don’t want all that other stuff on your computer to distract you!

First, simple black and white with minimal character design and wonderful comedic timing. If you go to their YouTube channel, all their animated shorts are great.

I love the color, atmosphere, and cinematography in this one. Also it’s a great blend of 3D with 2D; almost like a video game at times. The music is a bit wonky though…

This short is just a really fun idea, seeing what the character sees…

And finally another short one with great use of color (dark borders, bright centers) and a great atmosphere to it, kind a sci-fi-ish but warm and welcoming.

Playing with light – Mon ami le robot from Cube Creative on Vimeo.

Fun stuff!


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