Hope y’all had a wonderful Christmas.  It was a very good Christmas here.  It was actually a white Christmas here, since we still had some leftover snow from a snow storm the previous Saturday.  The storm was so nice that it got me out of having to go to work for the entire week, thus it exceeded my expectations.  It’s melting away at a good pace now, unfortunately.  I love snow… mostly because it gets me out of work…

This picture represents my best Christmas gifts.  I was a bit surprised to get the book “The Creative Process” … it’s a somewhat expensive academic book.  It’s about machine creativity in the area of storytelling.  It’s a bit outdated, having been written in the early 1990s (I think), but it’s still full of ideas I find rather fascinating.  Maybe in the year 2010 I’ll try my hand at programming an automatic story generator, eh?  Yes, I think that would be fun.

And I know my whole family is jealous of me for getting the first 100 episodes of Spongebob.  Oh yeah…

Despite programming somewhat obsessively for the past week, I still haven’t made much progress on my Automatic Music Generator: Version 2, but I still have quite a few ideas left to try.

Anyway, I’m going to take a break from doing anything too intellectual for just a short while while I watch my new blu-rays and DVDs and read my new books and play my new computer games.  This is not because of laziness or anything, it’s simply because I need to make sure right away that everything is working properly to make sure I don’t need to return anything.  Of course.

I’m looking forward to New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day now.  4 days left!

Oh, and I’m quite proud of myself for so far having been able to keep Hannifin World updated everyday.  Not sure the comics are always very funny, but who cares about that, right?


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