I sat in front of my computer all day (well, after waking up at noon) and edited the sixth episode of my podcast The Compose Pile. It took forever to edit; I say “um…” way too much, take long pauses, flub my words, and I hate listening to my own voice in general, it just doesn’t sound how I’m used to it sounding.  I also spent some time formatting the orchestral score (which there’s a link to on the podcast post) so that listeners can follow along the score while listening, if they so desire. I also tried submitting the podcast to iTunes, but I guess they have to review it first, so who knows whether or not they’ll accept it, or when.

Other than that, I spent some time last night buying a bunch of Christmas presents on online.  I only have one or two more things I want to buy, and then my Christmas shopping will be done.  14 days left until the big sleep-in and play-all-day day!  I wish we’d get more snow, but the outlook isn’t so good.


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