19 days left until Christmas…

Didn’t really do anything today, except go to work, which was exhausting.  And now I’ll probably go to bed early since I’m… well… exhausted.  But brownies are in the oven, so I suppose I have to wait around until those are done so I can have one.

I changed Hannifin World so that you can only view one comic at a time.  For some reason viewing more than one on a page seemed cluttered to me, while only being able to view one at a time kind of makes each particular comic the center of attention, kind of “frames” it.  Which I guess is what a lot of webcomics do.  Some kind of weird psychology-of-humor property behind it perhaps?  If you “frame” a joke as a single entity, it will seem funnier than if it is seen as only a part of a collection of jokes.  If it’s in a collection, there’s more of a chance one will compare the jokes, and not give some jokes much attention.

Also, on a completely different note, I really hate the show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, where they build new houses for people who they think deserve them and then film them as they cry when given a new house.  To me, it seems to put too much importance on material items, while at the same time trying to spread the message that they’re not important.  It’s like Oprah sharing a sob story with a poor person and then flying her personal jet somewhere.  Hypocritical.  Annoying.  But I guess when a network is offering a free house, who cares?

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chillak · May 9, 2011 at 6:25 PM

function over glamor any day. show needs to downsize and get rid of the glitz. the kids grow up and do not need a pretty princess or batman bedroom. EXTREME is the key word here. my little humble home is tiny yet functional and simple. i recycled and refurbished many of the pieces of furniture and counters/ shelving etc. this show teaches that wasting/ tearing down and everything and chucking reusable construction items off to some landfill is ok…
the exorbitant costs to make just ONE of these houses could have built a whole street in the 9th ward new orleans after katrina.
this show solidifies the waste and neglect in our country today….it plays with our heartstrings for one family….while many 1000s are going hungry every day.
“reality” shows like these has driven me to kill my tv….believe nothing in mainstream media and work more to REALLY help the people who need it with practical approach.

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