New laptop

When I went off to college in 2004, I knew I had to get a desktop because laptops were no good, especially for gaming.  They had slow processors, slow GPUs, and little hard drives.

For a while, I’ve been wanting an HD monitor for my computer and a blu-ray drive.  Then I decided I didn’t want to be stuck in my bedroom anymore, so I started looking into laptops.  I was quite happy to find something as nice and powerful as the Alienware M17x.  With an HD monitor, a blu-ray drive, 4 GB of RAM, 1 TB of space, and an nVidia GTX 260M graphics card, it is better than my desktop (and more expensive).  It also has a fancy LED light-up keyboard, which you can customize to shine any colors you want, which is actually quite useful when you’re playing a game in the dark; otherwise, it seems a bit superfluous but is an eye-catcher.  It’s also awesome to watch blu-rays and play games in full HD.  It also has an HDMI port for easy HDTV connection, which I’m hoping I can try sometime, maybe Friday.

And 1920×1200 resolution rules.

So I really love this laptop.

And a wiki

I started a wiki about myself here.  I call it: Hanniwiki.  Yay!  Maybe it’s vain, but it serves several purposes: 1) I wanted to try out MediaWiki.  2) I’d like to try world-building with it for my fantasy novel.  When I don’t feel like working on my actual story, I was thinking I might like to write articles about the fictional world I’m creating to at least help my mind get into the world a little better.  3) I don’t know, whatever.

So I’ll probably update it with random junk whenever I’m bored.  It might be useful for people who want to explore my work but don’t want to browse through a bunch of blog posts.  Then again, I’m not really famous enough yet for very many people to want to do that.  But still, it’s there, and it was fun creating what I have there so far.


LanthonyS · June 25, 2009 at 10:43 PM

I just graduated from high school (with honours). AAAAIIIIIIIGHHHHHHHHHHHH. Did you feel as overly nostalgic the moment you stepped in your front door after your last event?

LanthonyS · June 26, 2009 at 9:35 AM

In retrospect, why did I put that on this blog post? Oh well.

If you saw my one contribution to a discussion on Hanniwiki, you’ll see how great it must one day be! Or at least extensive. Or, rather, somewhat trivially expanded in some sense or other.

S P Hannifin · June 27, 2009 at 2:02 AM

hehehe, thanks!

Congratulations on graduating!! 🙂

It sure is a relief, eh?

I can’t say I felt nostalgic, I was bitter till the end… actually I’m still kind of bitter… :-/ I still can’t quite believe I’m done! Feels so good to be out… even though I’ve been out for a while… it never stops feeling good 😀

Congrats again! 🙂

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