I got about one minute of music written today. Or two minutes I guess. One and a half, I’ll compromise. I spent about 3 hours working on that piece “Hour by Hour” … I’m still not sure how long it will be, it could go on and on… right now it’s at 8.5 minutes, which is pretty long for a piece by me, so I’d rather it come to an end before or around 10 minutes, but I’ll let it go on for as long as it wants to.

Uh oh, I’ve only got one can of soda left, and I’m going to drink it after I post this blog, which means I’ll have to start giving my one dollar bills to vending machines. It’s so sad when it comes to that…

I’m off to go read some more of The Moonstone, because I know blog readers care about what I’m going to do next… Oh yeah, blogging daily!

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