I really need to design a new template for this blog, this one feels squished and stale. Maybe I’ll switch to WordPress or something… I’ve been seeing a few Vox blogs as well that looked really nice… guess I’ll just try redesigning this one first. I should probably start a new blog that is focused only on technology blather though, eh? This one’s much more eclectic.

I heard about a site called Twitter months ago on TWiT. It sounded like a stupid idea.

I’ve been keeping journals on and off since I was 8. (Actually, this blog is sort of meant to be a journal more than anything else… surprise!) This weekend I decided it would be fun to update a journal every couple of hours with short entries as a way of looking back on what I did throughout an entire day. Then I remembered hearing about Twitter, so I gave it a try.

In addition to its sort of journal-keeping aspect, it also serves as a sort of a window to the wider world. For some reason, when I’m working on some hard homework or sitting in a boring class, it helps to know that other people are hard at work too. Hmmmm… is that some form of schadenfreude? Anyway, it has quickly become addicting to log onto Twitter just to see what other people are up to. People also tend to post more interesting links on Twitter than on Digg, so if I have time to be side-tracked I go click-link happy.

I at first tried to update this blog once a day, but I couldn’t keep up, so who knows how long I’ll be able to keep up Twittering. Probably for a while.

Now go get your own Twitter account and follow me

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