My family and I are moving to a new and bigger house soon (we’re movin’ on up) so I’ve been quite busy. In fact, today I was helping to get tons of boxes out of our attic and dripped more sweat than I have in years. I felt like I should be on Dirty Jobs

Today on Dirty Jobs I empty an old attic in thick dust and unbearable humidity. Some of these boxes haven’t been touched in decades, and some are incredibly heavy… and they’ve all gotta come down. You’re probably wondering if it stinks up here. It does. Attic emptiers make civilized life possible for the rest of us.

Anyway, looking over my web stats, here are some more strange search phrases people have used to come across this website:

“beethoven’s female copyist” He didn’t have one.
“how to burn stuff” Uh… look out for that guy.
“better than an ipod” Well, not a Zune.
“how old is the guy who played saruman” Pretty darn old.
“commuting to college” It’s awesome.
“stuff to morph” What?

People can be weird!

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