I’ve been working on something tedious, and I’m almost done! I’ll let you know what it is when the time is right and the sun is pure and the world is perfect and we find a cure. Oops, I accidentally wrote poetry!

You know what else is tedious? Blogging! I have nothing interesting to say! All I can say for the next few weeks is that I’m working on stuff…

Oh, let me blather about some stories in the August edition of Fantasy and Science Fiction, that way maybe some people can find this blog when the Google names looking for reviews… “At These Prices” was funny, I enjoyed it… “Murder in the Flying Vatican” was entertaining, a good read… “The Mole Cure” was gross and made me thankful I don’t have moles… ew… and I’m reading the “A Wizard of the Old School” which is fun so far. Ah, see, all pretty good reviews, aren’t I nice?

Ok, bye.

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