I got my hands on some new CDs a few days, including the Shrek the Third soundtrack (not the collection-of-pop-songs-soundtrack, but the musical score) composed by good old Harry Gregson-Williams and recorded and orchestrated with the help of a bunch of non-famous people. Many great variations on the Shrek themes here, especially the first track which gives the Shrek theme a delightful Baroque twist.

I also bought one of those movie theme compilation box-sets… a Varese Sarabande 25th Anniversary Celebration collection. $15 for four CDs is quite a good deal in my opinion, and the CDs are filled with unforgettable music like… well, I can’t remember right now, but you get the point. No, seriously, it’s got some great tracks like “The Man from Snowy River”, “Iron Will”, “City Slickers”, “The Mists of Avalon”, “Ice Age”, “The Iron Giant”, “Air Force One”, and many more.

Good stuff.

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