I went to Best Buy a few days ago (didn’t buy anything) and I finally saw an example of what Blu-ray looks like… looks good! Really good. Of course, my family won’t have an HDTV any time soon, but perhaps by the time I move out in 2 or 3 or 5 or 9 I’ll get to see one in the house. There’s still a bit of a battle between the Blu-ray format and the HD-DVD format, but my guess is that Blu-ray will win because it sounds cooler and the blue cases look cooler. Even the movies themselves though are way too expensive, so I reckon it’ll be some years, perhaps even a decade, before some HD movie quality discs make it to the mainstream market. I’m not sure how many people even have HDTVs that can play these things. So, until a format wins and the prices drop by 50%, probably best to stick with DVDs (unless you are rich).

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