I was surprised to learn not too long ago that Mel Brooks has turned Young Frankenstein into a musical, and it will be coming to Broadway sometime this year. Although I’ll probably miss it’s Broadway production because I’m too poor and far away from New York for such things, I’ll be sure to get my hands on the music somehow. I wonder how they’re going to get the stage show to be in black and white… maybe the audiences will have to wear special glasses?

If you love musicals but are afraid of monsters that Put on the Ritz (will that be in the musical?), you should enjoy The Count of Montecristo: A Musical. Although it’s all in Italian for now, I can’t get enough of this music. Every melody is catchy and powerful and goosebump-giving. I sincerely hope this musical can also make it to Broadway, I would think it could gain many fans here in the USA.

As for my own musical… I haven’t even started yet.

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