It’s been over a year since my last TuneSage update, but work has been progressing. Work on the backend was slow and challenging; I spent some time going down quite a few dead-ends. But it’s actually generating melodies now, so I should be able to release some output samples sometime soon, fingers crossed.

I signed up for this year’s Y Combinator’s Startup School once again. I did it once back in 2019, but other than making a landing page (, my progress was sparse. I just needed a lot more time than I imagined to make progress with the backend.

Startup School’s Course Guide says: “If you haven’t launched yet, make it a goal to launch during the program and get your first users!”

OK, I guess I’ll make it a goal then! Granted, I have repeatedly failed at making enough progress to launch whenever I have set it as a goal, but one must keep trying I suppose.

My question is: how many features do I need to launch with? For better or worse, my current plan is to just launch the product as a basic melody generator to start with.

So what do I need to do to launch?

  • Prepare the backend
    • Train the AI on more melodies (using public domain melodies)
    • Generate melodies in a variety of styles (these will be basic to start with)
  • Add at least some simple chordal accompinement features to frontend
    • e.g. root notes, arpeggio patterns, alberti bass, etc.
  • Overhaul frontend design (lots of tedious web design) and finalize
  • Figure out what soundfonts TuneSage will use
  • Figure out deployment and version control (honestly this can probably wait until after launch, but not too long after)
  • Create user account system
    • Create new account
    • Confirm email (if necessary)
    • Log in / out / reset password
    • Edit optional personal info
    • Usage stats
    • Terms and conditions
  • Register company
  • Find some payment system to use
  • Allow for a trial period (and decide exactly what that consists of)
  • Install some analytics system (so I can keep track of user engagement or whatever)
  • Stress testing? (In my experiments with “trovedex”, the database kept going down; I really don’t want that to be a problem. Anyway, I can always do invite-only if the system is too stressed, but that would be a good problem to have)
  • Launch! Update front page with information

Is that it? Am I forgetting anything?

Of course, there are many more features I’d still like to add; AI can be used for a lot more than just generating melodies. But it’s a starting point, and melodies are the one area I think other AI music systems struggle with the most at the moment.

So how long will all that take? Can I finish it in a few weeks? Startup School lasts for 7 weeks, so if I can do it in 3 or 4 weeks, that would be awesome. Considering how long things have taken me in the past, however, it will probably take me… 12 years. But for now let’s daydream:

  • Week 1: Finish backend and overhaul frontend
  • Week 2: Soundfont and user account system, start releasing samples
  • Week 3: Register company, install payment and analyctics systems
  • Week 4: Set up trial, stress testing, front page update, and launch!

That’s probably wishful thinking, but it’s better than nothing.


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