I think most people who read anything from this blog come through Google or some other search engine. When that happens, I can see through my “Awstats” statistics program what people searched for to get here. Here are some of the searches people have done that led them to this website (with my evil commentary):

“jazz suite no. 2- waltz 2.mp3” Not here
“video i m in debt up to my eyeballs” Sorry, no video here
“sibelius 5” Use Overture 4
“stuff for facebook” Try looking on facebook
“black swan taleb free download” Pirate, go buy the book
“black swan free download taleb” Ooh, nice job changing the wording
“peter van der merwe” Book author
“what word is used for beheading chickens” What?!
“meaning of comb in my dreams” Means you’re stupid?

A lot of people search for themselves or their companies or something that has to do with them in blogs, so careful what you say in a blog that anybody can read. On an episode of TWiT, they even warned that some employers may look through blogs when deciding whether or not to hire someone. Wouldn’t that stink?

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