Sadly, my last surviving grandparent died on Monday. She had been suffering with dementia.

Her brother, my Great-uncle Charles, also passed away the same day, only 20-some minutes before, also from complications of dementia. His death actually made the New York Times in an article1 that also mentions my grandmother:

A sister, Marianne Donovan, also died on Monday.

So my grandmother made the New York Times!

I only saw Charles now and then at family events, but I do remember him encouraging me to continue writing when I was a child prodigy… or a child interested in writing stories at least.

My grandmother was very fond of Charles, so I can easily imagine them reunited, with their minds made whole again, entering the eternal kingdom together. Requiescat in pace.

  1. Here’s an archive link for posterity.
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Mary Celeste Moore · December 16, 2021 at 1:21 AM

I am so sorry to hear of your family’s loss but am confident that our Lord, Jesus Christ will bring comfort to you. Keep writing and produçing music Moonwizard , their spirits watch over you.

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