I was just randomly thinking about the strange ways in which UFOs seem to defy the laws of physics:

  • Anti-gravity
  • No visual propulsion system
  • Maintain insane speeds
  • Accelerate with insane force
  • Observed in air and water

But what if we’re taking it for granted that the UFO is a unit unto itself?

This isn’t a perfect analogy, but think about shining a laser pointer on the wall. With the rotation of the wrist, we can give the dot of light similar physics weirdness, albeit limited to two dimensions. The point of light doesn’t propel itself, so it doesn’t need a propulsion system. Likewise, insane speeds and accelerations are actually derived from magnified wrist rotations, and so are not nearly as insane as they seem.

Granted, this doesn’t quite explain the anti-gravity. Gravity’s effect on light is negligible from our typical standpoint; it’s generally not until we’re studying blackholes or light across galactic distances through telescopes that gravity’s effect on light becomes measurable. Assuming UFOs are not just light, it seems they’d still have to contend with gravity. Still, maybe whatever is “projecting” them provides the force needed to hold them aloft.

The analogy also breaks down dimensionally. The dot of light from a laser pointer projects onto a wall and bounces to our eyes. Without the wall, the light would just keep travelling and disappating into space. If UFOs are projections, what are they projecting onto? (This is also the obvious challenge of developing the sort of 3D hologram systems often seen in movies like Star Wars. How can we seemingly get light to reflect at a specific point in empty space?) And, for that matter, how can one project actual physical matter rather than just light?

I have no clue, I just thought it was an interesting idea.

Regardless, I’d love to know what their weird UFO things are and what exactly they’re doing out there.

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