I wrote a short violin and clarinet duet this morning, but I don’t like how it sounds with those instruments. I’ve explored other combinations, and right now it’s a violin duet. It still needs some heavy MIDI data editing, and maybe I’ll write more movements to it… but probably not. And maybe I’ll just scrap the whole thing.

Hmmm… the Dow closed above 13,000. I hardly know what exactly that means, but I like how everyone tries to analyze it and draw conclusions from it.

Scientists say they may have found a planet that has a bunch of water on it and is just the right temperature to support life. It’s only hundreds of trillions of miles away. So what would aliens look like? What if… they look pretty much like us? What if among the dazzling variety of life that evolution can conjure up, the human form is a design that pops up over and over again across galaxies? Maybe there’ll be some variations on it, but what if evolution, if its paths from hundreds of earth-like planets are compared, tends to take the same kind of route all the time? Would that be amazing, or not surprising?

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