Whew, I did math homework (and sleep) almost all day!

Joshua Bell, the violinist, did a little experiment in a metro station in Washington, D.C., which I blogged about in the “Stuff I Found” blog, so I sort of did a little rant about its snobbishness.

I’ve been thinking of changing the main page of Wizard Walk to some sort of site map, so that instead of being thrust onto the first page you’d see a web of options on what I’ve got on my site, such as the blogs, the music pages, whatever. It might make everything more easy to navigate for newcomers… I really don’t want to confuse everyone with a big main blog and then all these links on side menus that people might not even notice. I’m just not sure how intuitive it all is. So… a site map on the first page might make things easier to see.

Forget the whole “until I doth blog again” … that’s just stupid. Let’s keep it simple.

Until tomorrow…

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