Tales from Earthsea (2006)


Link: Tales From Earthsea

Summary: I’m not sure how to summarize this film.

Thoughts: I’m not sure how to summarize this film because the storytelling is horrible slop.  It begins with a young man who kills his father, steals his sword, and runs away.  He ends up joining this older man who is a wizard on a mission to do something that I never really understood.  They come to the house of some woman and her daughter and do things.  And then this evil guy comes and kidnaps people and they fight him.  And the girl turns into a dragon.  And the young man defeats the bad guy.  The end.

The film features Studio Ghibli’s usual beautiful artwork and mesmerizing music.  But the storytelling is so sloppy and confusing that I could not understand what was going on and could not emotionally invest myself in any of the characters.  By far the worst film from the studio.  In fact, it’s one of the worst animated films of all time.