The Internship (2013)

Link: The Internship

Summary: Two out of work (but charming and witty!) sales men miraculously get accepted into an internship program at Google, where they must work with a younger generation to win a contest that will guarantee them a position with the tech company.

Thoughts: This was an awful film.  It almost felt like nobody really want to make it.  The whole thing just feels too… fake… if that makes any sense in the context of a film.  The story didn’t feel genuine.  The humor was fortunately not as raunchy as one might expect from Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughan, but it was all very forced and not funny.  It was almost like watching the Disney Channel without a laugh track.  But what really bothered me was the whole idea of the older generation (as represented by the two main characters) needing to mentor the younger tech-savvy-but-socially-stupid generation, teaching them how to break their social shells and have a good time.  I found it almost condescending.