Life of Pi (2012)

Link: Life of Pi

Summary: A young man survives a shipwreck with a tiger.

Thoughts: What a boring movie.  Long stretches of nothing interesting happening.  Might’ve been interesting to see in 3D in theaters for the special effects, but the story was thin and meaningless, save for the meaning you can make up for yourself with the character’s occasional mention of something vaguely religious.  Aside from the long stretches of no story, the role of religion really bothered me.  The  main character is interested in religion, but doesn’t show an understanding of it (“I am Christian and Muslim and Hindu!”), nor does religion play any interesting role in his decision making, save for a few prayers.  Though when he says something like, “God, I give myself to you!” and then continues to act completely the same, one has to wonder whether his prayer meant anything.  The attempt at making this film have a religious undertone completely fails, as it plays no role in the actual story or in the characters’ decision making; it is merely something mentioned in dialog every now and then, as if that’s all religion really is, something to argue about.  His father’s words about the role of religion versus science is about as deep as a ten year old reflecting on the subject for the first time.  “Science explains things, religion doesn’t!”  Oh, wow, there’s a deep philosophical thought I never considered before, thanks!  Similarly, the main character’s decision to take on a mathematical name played no role in the story, apparently chosen only for an interesting title of the original book.  I mean, there could’ve at least been a circle metaphor somewhere.  As it is, the title could just’ve easily been Life of Logarithm.  Finally, the ending of the film hints that the entire story may be a complete lie, leaving it up for the viewer to decide what to believe, because that’s really poetic and artistic.  Yes, there’s nothing like a boring adventure that ends with the narrator hinting that maybe it’s not even true.

Horrible stupid boring movie.