The Colony (2013)


Link: The Colony

Summary: In a post-apocalyptic world of snow, colonies survive in various underground bunkers.  When one colony mysteriously won’t answer its radios, men from another colony set out to see what’s going on.  The surprises they find may lead to their salvation.  Or their doom!

Thoughts: The film starts out OK.  The visual effects are nice.  The characters are intriguing.  The dialog is a bit cliché, but it gets the job done.  But when they discover what happened to the mysteriously silent colony, it’s all downhill.  Turns out (spoiler alert) that the other colony was killed by zombie-like cannibals.  The rest of the film is little more than the heroes battling these animal-like cannibals, and it all feels rushed, repetitive, and empty.  And then suddenly it ends.  There’s something really off about the structure and pacing that makes the ending seem really abrupt, even though by that time you’re glad it’s over.