For a Few Dollars More (1967)


Link: For a Few Dollars More

Summary: Two bounty hunters team up to take down a murderous convict.  One bounty hunter, played by Clint Eastwood, plans to sabotage him by joining his crew of thugs.  But the bounty hunter secretly knows exactly who he is and uses the knowledge to his advantage, working to frame the new recruit for his own crimes.

Thoughts: I enjoyed this one more than Leone’s Yojimbo rip-off, A Fistful of Dollars.  The story was more intricate, full of some great twists and turns.  I love Leone’s use of close-ups, though his editing here was still rather bizarre at times with the quick cutting, and the *boing!* sound effect was just stupid.  What is this, some preschooler’s cartoon?  But you gotta love Leone’s stand-off climax scenes, especially with Morricone’s iconic scoring.