My Head is an Animal lyric videos

Directorial team WeWereMonkeys has been creating lyric videos for all the songs from Of Monsters and Men’s debut album.  I particularly like this one, with the silhouettes of giants in the distance; it’s like something from a video game:

I think the dark misty mysterious fantastical look that WeWereMonkeys create (for these lyric videos and the older official music videos) fit the band’s sound really well.  I don’t know why their album cover features a random person in funny-looking shorts on the beach, or what’s up with all the pink.  Bubble-gum pink CDs and vinyls?  These are songs with bones and monsters and mountains and creatures.  What about their sound made some art designer think, “Ah, yes, pink!  Clearly pink!”  Even the band’s most popular song, Little Talks… that’s a dark, tragic song.  “You’re gone, gone, gone away, I watched you disappear.  All that’s left is a ghost of you.”  Someone’s losing her mind in that song, fading from existence.  There’s nothing pink there.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the lyric video for Your Bones, my favorite song.

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