Some Like It Hot (1959)

Link: Some Like It Hot

Summary: On the run after witnessing multiple murders, two musicians hide by dressing as women and joining an all-women band.  What could possibly go wrong?  Meanwhile, they’re both attracted to the band’s lead singer, who looks just like Marilyn Monroe.

Thoughts: I suppose this film was somewhat risqué for its day, which I suppose only helps it stand the test of time; by modern standards it perhaps plays it way too safe.  I can easily imagine a modern interpretation being far more raunchy.  But it really doesn’t need to be; as with most cross-dressing films, if you can accept that characters are actually getting away with their awful performances as the opposite sex, the classic humor of this film is hilarious.  Unfortunately things get a bit stale in the second act, but the hilarity of the first act makes up for it.  Fun classic film.  They don’t make comedies like this anymore.

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