Byzantium (2012)

Link: Byzantium

Summary: I suppose this is almost like a reverse Twilight: A vampire girl falls in love with a guy, but she also wants to suck his blood.  This is only complicated by the fact that he’s on blood thinners for his cancer.  Her mother, who’s also a vampire, is afraid she’ll give away her secret, and tries to keep her away from love interests (a bit Rapunzel-esque).  Meanwhile, she and her mother are on the run from members of a secretive vampire order who want them dead.

Thoughts: I haven’t seen Twilight (and have no plans to), but I think this film is far less of a paranormal romance chick-flick and more of an action thriller, so a guy in his late 20’s can enjoy it, and I did.  I enjoyed the main character’s dilemma; how she wants blood, but she only kills old people who she believes are ready to die; younger blood is a temptation that must be resisted.  She wants to tell others her secret, she feels so awfully alone and trapped, but there’s so little she can do about it.  I also enjoyed the backstory that takes place hundreds of years earlier, which shows how the mother and daughter became vampires.  Overall, very good film; in fact, I’d say it’s the best vampire film I’ve ever seen.  Not that I’ve seen many, but this one worked really well for me.

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