Solomon Kane (2009)


Link: Solomon Kane

Summary: Based on the character created by pulp writer Robert E. Howard.  After learning his soul is destined for hell, a mercenary vows to never again resort to violence.  But when a girl is kidnapped, he’s forced to reconsider his vow, and fights not just for her freedom, but for the destiny of his own soul.

Thoughts: This was like the film Lockout for me.  I can see why it got poor reviews, and yet I loved it.  The story is a bit thin and clichéd in some regards, the dialog is uninspired, and yet I love it.  I love the premise, I love the religious decisions the characters make, the themes of faith and redemption.  I love the look and feel of the film, the dark and moody atmosphere of the world, the costumes, the supernatural monsters, even when the special effects revealed a low budget.  The acting was quite good.  Very good film.

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