Upside Down (2012)


Link: Upside Down

Summary: There are two worlds.  The one you’re on, and the one in the sky, which is upside-down to you.  You’re not supposed to have much to do with that other world.  After all, gravity will always pull you to your own world anyway; the gravity of the other world will not affect you.  This fantastical (though scientifically ridiculous) setting creates many obstacles for a man who falls in love for a woman from the other world.

Thoughts: I can forgive the scientific absurdity of this film for the sake of its classic forbidden-love tale, but unfortunately the story seemed to focus more on the problems created by its wild premise than on the human relationship problems, leaving the film rather dry story-wise, relying on fantastical dazzling visuals to keep things interesting.  The pee gag was funny, though nasty (if you try to pee in the upside-down world, it will fall to the ceiling), but shouldn’t he have known that was going to happen?

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