Silver Linings Playbook (2012)


Link: Silver Linings Playbook

Summary: After being released from a mental health facility, a man tries to get his life back in order.  And what better way to do it than to promise to join a dance competition with a woman who has a lot of her own issues?

Thoughts: I didn’t think this film made any sense.  The characters are supposed to have mental health issues, but they’re all really fine, they just get way too angry over little things and then fight about it.  As if that’s all that mental health comes down to, control of temper.  Very poorly written film.  The “let’s join a dance competition!” plot made no sense, as it has nothing to do with anything; it doesn’t challenge the characters in any dramatically interesting way.  Also, it bugged me that the main character is married, yet basically spends the entire film falling in love with another woman.  This would be dramatically fine if a love triangle was one of the film conflicts.  Instead, this film seems to support the idea that marriage is overall meaningless, just an occasional promise to only sleep with one person at a time for monetary benefits, not a lifelong commitment to someone else no matter what.  Did not much care for this film.

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