Skyrim – A Blade in the Dark completed


Link: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

I wanted to experiment with videoing my boring PC gaming. Recording while playing slowed the frame rate, but not as much as I expected; it was still very playable. Uploading to YouTube was the real hassle. First I had to compress the video, which took my computer half an hour. Then I had to split the video into two files, because my YouTube account will only allow me to surpass my 15-minute limit if I “verify” my account by giving YouTube my mobile phone number. Sorry, YouTube, that ain’t happenin’. And then, of course, uploading takes plenty of time. Anyway, in the end, I captured my half hour of PC gaming today. In the future, I’ll probably only do screenshots. But recording video every now and then may be fun, now that I’m familiar with what I have to do to get it to YouTube.

So, I’ve spent about 55 hours playing Skyrim so far since I started playing last summer. But I’m only now starting the game’s main quest line. I spent a long time with various side quests, leveling up and collecting stuff. (And, yeah, I’m cheating with my carry limit, because carry limits are dumb. I want to carry everything.)

So in these videos I’m finishing the quest “A Blade in the Dark” and starting “Diplomatic Immunity” which I will continue next time I play.

The blood dragon in Riverwood was a fun surprise.

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