Dragon (2011)

Link: Dragon

Summary: After a man fights and kills a notorious convict, an investigator believes he’s a notorious criminal himself.

Thoughts: I really enjoyed this film.  The action sequences were a lot of fun.  The fights played with their settings and were well shot, without all the annoying rapid editing you get in American action films these days.  (As Donnie Yen says in the bonus features, “Shooting the action is a lot more important than choreographing the action.”)  I enjoyed how the investigator would stroll around slow-motion replays of the action or how we’d get to see diagrams of what he’s thinking about; it was very visually imaginative.  The overall plot was a bit cliché; it’s a classic sort of story with no surprises.  But I think they did manage to breathe a unique life into it.  Fun movie.

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