Bates Motel S1E4: Trust Me (2013)

Summary: After Norman discovers a girl being held captive in the deputy’s house, he tells Norma.  But Norma knows Norman has hallucinations, and does not believe him.  Dylan does, and agrees to help Norman.  The deputy tries to get to know Norman better, apparently hoping for a long term relationship with his mother.  Norman and Dylan see him as evil, of course.  At the end of the episode, Dylan confronts Norma about how she treats Norman, who he must now realize is mentally disturbed, but Norma refuses to change her ways, fearing Norman will be taken away from her if she seeks professional help or tells anyone.  A severed hand is found in the lake where Norma and Norman dumped the body of the man they murdered in the first episode, and Norma is arrested for his murder.  Bum bum bum!!!

Thoughts: I don’t quite understand Dylan’s character.  He seems to change his mind too often and doesn’t seem to want anything concrete.  It makes it hard to understand his actions because I’m not sure what he’s trying to achieve.  It’s also getting annoying to see so many morally depraved characters in this show.  Norman at least now has the excuse of being mentally disturbed.  The only other character who actually seems to understand right and wrong is the sick girl, who hasn’t had much screen time and wasn’t even in this episode.  It will be interesting to see what role she will end up playing in the rest of this season.  Perhaps she will become a stakes character.  Anyway, it was interesting to see Norma arrested and to see the deputy as a more evil and manipulative character.

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