Bates Motel S1E3: What’s Wrong With Norman (2013)

Summary: Norman has visions and passes out in school, putting him in the hospital.  Meanwhile, the police get a search warrant and search Norma’s house for clues in regards to the man they murdered in the first episode.  After the search, Norman discovers the belt he had kept from the murdered man has been taken.  Norma whines to the deputy, who admits that he took the belt and is keeping it safe in order to protect Norma.  And, of course, Norma plays along, hoping to keep herself out of jail.

Thoughts: Overall, this was a fun episode.  Norman passing out in school seemed a rather forced and unrealistic way to get him stuck in the hospital for a while.  Why would they want to monitor him overnight if all he did was pass out but now he’s fine?  It would’ve been more interesting if they were given some clue that would foreshadow the twist at the end of the episode.  The twist at the end of the episode was the best part, as it puts an interesting twist on Norman and Norma’s strange relationship.  Now it seems that Norman’s father may have been murdered by Norman, and not Norma, while Norma’s otherwise creepy smothering affection for Norman comes from her trying to keep her son out of a mental institution.  Finally, the twist that the deputy may be even more manipulative and evil than anyone creates a strong and interesting villain.

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