John Dies at the End (2012)

Link: John Dies At The End

Summary: After getting injected with a creepy mysterious drug that seems to be sentient, a man struggles to deal with strange and disturbing paranormal powers.

Thoughts: This was a weird film.  While I found some parts to be hilarious, the story was overall just too random for me.  The magic system, if one can call it that in this sort of context, had no clear rules, allowing the storyteller to introduce whatever sort of crazy monsters and random-hallucination-like nonsense he could come up with.  I prefer a stronger story with clearer character goals and conflicts, rather than such an emphasis on the pure craziness of random weirdness.  Still, this did seem like a very unique brand of crazy that I won’t soon forget.  Especially interesting when you philosophize on the nature of thought.  Do thoughts move through us, or do we move through thoughts?  “When you hear a song on the radio, where’s the song?”

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